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The All-Girls' Advantage

Mercy Girls Become Strong Women

At Mercy, we believe that educating the whole person (mind, body, spirit) allows girls to grow in confidence and character, and importantly, in the classroom. Girls are more likely to thrive in an environment that offers increased positive reinforcement, support, and leadership opportunities. The International Coalition of Girls' Schools (ICGS) partners with a number of research institutes to study the effects of single-gender education on young women and graduates. Their research reaffirms the growth in students that we see every day around campus. Our educational philosophy and mission get at the heart of the outcomes identified in these studies, and we are reminded that education goes beyond traditional measurements of achievement. 

Mercy students develop the skills to achieve success in college and beyond! Click here to view a selection of Mercy alumnae, and explore their academic achievements and career paths.

Visit the ICGS website to explore their fascinating research, and learn more about the benefits of an all-girls' education!

Studies Found Clear Advantages In:

Stronger Academic Skills
Girls’ schools develop critical thinkers, with graduates confident in exploring topics independently and developing innovative solutions. More than 80% consider their academic careers highly successful. 

Increased Self-Confidence and Leadership Skills
Graduates of girls’ schools report higher self-confidence over their coed peers. They show initiative in holding leadership positions in college and careers with 80% holding leadership positions after high school. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Success
Girls’ schools foster interest and confidence in underrepresented STEM subjects, with graduates 6x more likely to consider STEM majors and 3x more likely to pursue engineering careers. 

Higher Testing scores
Young women who attend single-gender schools tend to outscore their coed counterparts on the SAT.

Strong Community Involvement
Students are active in volunteerism and demonstrate a desire to participate in environmental and community development programs.

Greater Interest in Graduate School
The majority of girls within an all-girls environment expect to earn a four-year degree; 2/3 expect to go on to graduate-level work. Girls’ school grads are more than 2x as likely to earn a doctoral degree.

Support for Girls’ Unique Learning Styles
Students at all-girls' schools experience higher levels of support from their classmates and teachers than female peers at coed schools. More than 95% of girls' school students report they are highly engaged by teachers and participate in class discussions.

Infographic says girls' schools empower students to become bold leaders
Infographic says girls schools foster interest in underrepresented STEM subjects


NCGS infographic says girls schools challenge students to full academic potential

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